Uses and abuse of The Uses Of Computer In Everyday Life.


Uses and abuse of The Uses Of Computer In Everyday Life

Introduction: The Word ‘Computer’ refers to an instrument that computer or does various calculations. Essentially a computer performs three functions. It receives data, processes data by various computations and then emits data. In a word, the computer does wonders. Modern life cannot be imagined without a computer. It serves man in ways that cannot be counted. In Bangladesh, computers are used in different fields successfully.


Use in the agricultural sector: Bangladesh is an agricultural country. During the recent years, a computer has been contributing a lot to our agriculture. Many hi-breed crops are being invented using the computers in Bangladesh Agriculture University.

Use in IT sector: The present age is the age of information technology. Fax, E-mail, the Internet, Mobile Phone and other mass medias represent information technology and all these in our country are completely based on computer.


Use in medical science: In Bangladesh, the introduction of the computer in medical science have added a new dimension. Now computers are being used to diagnose as well as for treatment of serious diseases. We can not think of a modern operation theater without the computer.


Use in publication sector: In the publication sector of Bangladesh, the traditional type and block system have yielded to computer compose. Now all kinds of books, newspaper, journals etc, are being composed using a computer. In fact, the computer has brought about a revolutionary advancement in the publication sector of Bangladesh.

Use in the education sector: In the recent years, the publishing of the results of different public examinations has been computerized. As a result, it has been possible for the concerned authority to publish accurate exam results in the shortest possible time.

Use in office activities: Almost all the private and govt. offices nowadays use computers in their day to day activities. The computer has actually become a part and parcel of all kinds of office activities.


Conclusion: The use of the computer in Bangladesh has increased so much that it is rather easier to say where it is not used. Science is meant for service of humanity and in fact, the computer is the greatest contribution of science so far made. We just hope that it will be used for the greatest service of humanity and its misuse must be prevented.


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